vineri, 19 aprilie 2013

Lead the way...

 I started conversation with the randomest girl at the club 
 Light green eyes, smooth skin and a beautiful curve 

 I quickly doubted the words this girl was trying to get me to believe 
 The music was loud and she decided that she’d rather leave 

 I began to say goodbye and that’s when she grabbed me by the hand 
 She walked me out of the club and asked me if I could walk her to her car 

 She asked if I had any place or anywhere I needed to be 
 I said not anymore, baby, as long it’s just you and me 

 She said to get in the back seat 
 To lay down Close my eyes 
 She said she’ll take her time 
 And that she’ll lead the way...

joi, 11 august 2011


I'm a modern man, a man for the millennium
Digital and smoke-free
A diversified, multi-cultural, post-modern deconstruction who's politically and anatomically ecologically incorrect
I've been up-linked and down-loaded, I've been in-putted and out-sourced
I know the up-side of down-sizing, I know the down-side of up-grading
I'm a high-tech low-life
A cutting-edge, state-of-the-art, bi-coastal, multi-tasker and I can give ya a gigabyte in a nanosecond
I'm new-wave but I'm old-school and my inner child is outward-bound
I'm a hot-wired, heat-seeking, warm-hearted cool customer
I'm voice-activated and bio-degradable
I interface in my database, my database is in cyberspace
So I'm interactive, I'm hyperactive, and from time to time I'm radioactive
Behind the eight-ball, ahead of the curve, ridin' the wave, dodgin' the bullet, pushin' the envelope
I'm on-point, on-task, on-message and off drugs
I got no need for coke and speed, I got no urge to binge and purge
I'm in-the-moment, on-the-edge, over-the-top but under-the-radar
A high-concept, low-profile, medium-range ballistic missionary
A street-wise smart bomb, a top gun bottom feeder
I wear power ties, I tell power lies, I take power laps, I take victory laps
I'm a totally on-going, big foot, slam dunk rain-maker with a pro-active out-reach
A raging work-aholic, a working rage-aholic
Out of rehab and in denial
I got a personal trainer, a personal shopper, a personal assistant and a personal agenda
Ya can't shut me up, ya can't dumb me down
'Cause I'm tireless and I'm wireless, I'm an alpha-male on beta-blockers
I'm a non-believer and an over-achiever, laid-back but fashion-forward
Up-front, down-home, low rent, high-maintenance
Super-size, long-lasting, high definition, fast-acting, oven-ready and built-to-last
I'm a hands-on, foot-loose, knee-jerk head-case
I'm prematurely post-traumatic and I have a love child who sends me hate mail
But I'm feeling, I'm caring, I'm healing, I'm sharing
A supportive, bonding, nurturing, primary care-giver
My output is down but my income is up
I take a short position on the long bond and my revenue stream has its own cash flow
I read junk mail, I eat junk food, I buy junk bonds, I watch trash sports
I'm gender-specific, capital-intensive, user-friendly and lactose-intolerant
I like rough sex, I like tough love
I use the F word in my email and the software on my hard drive is hardcore, no soft porn
I bought a microwave at a mini-mall, I bought a mini van at a mega-store
I eat fast food in the slow lane
I'm toll-free, bite-size, ready-to-wear and I come in all sizes
A full-equipped, factory-authorized, hospital-tested, clinically-proven, scientifically-formulated, medical miracle
I been pre-washed, pro-cooked, pre-heated, pre-screened, pre-approved, pro-packaged, post-dated, freeze-dried, double-wrapped, vacuum-packed and I have an unlimited broadband capacity
I'm a rude dude but I'm the real deal; lean and mean
I'm cocked, locked and ready to rock; rough, tough, and hard to bluff
I take it slow, I go with the flow, I ride with the tide, I got glide in my stride
Drivin' and movin', sailin' and spinnin', jivin' and groovin', wailin' and winnin'
I don't snooze so I don't lose
I leep the pedal to the metal, and the rubber on the road
I party hearty and lunch time is crunch time
I'm hangin' in, there ain't no doubt
And I'm hangin' tough, over and out.

Thank you G.C for your inspiration

sâmbătă, 2 iulie 2011


Sleep to keep the need to feel how Bill will kill the feel...

Dream how we scream to the beam that leans in the reals that wins by all means...

Dream about me
On the phone to me

Tell me no truth
If it hurts bad,
There's enough in my life
To make me so sad,

Just dream about...
Colour fills our lives
Just dream about...
Some one else tonight

Dream about me,
On the phone
You're talking quietly

I wanna be yours
I want you be mine
A .... red ski
For long time

So dream about us...
When you're alone
Just dream about...
How I will let go

luni, 27 iunie 2011

Doar de ziua mea...

De astazi pana maine vreau sa imi aduc aminte,
ca mi-am facut o rugaminte,
sa ma simt bine sa fiu frumos,
sa trag cu forta un inger in jos,
sa prezint mai mult interes,
sa nu par mereu prea sters,
sa merg pe apa sa plutesc,
sa merit sa te iubesc.

Sa pierd vremea intr-o parcare,
asteptandu-te cu o lumanare,
ce am aprins-o cu o floare,
fulgerata de la soare,
cu o simpla rosie culoare.

Sa ma uit in departare si sa vad cu stupoare,
ca ma scarpin pe ochelari,
si sunt inconjurat de munti mari si tari;
Sa ma uit in apropiere si sa simt o mangaiere,
cand ma pierd in fiecare rand printr-o simpla scriere.

Sa ma simt eu astazi bine, numai pentru mine
sa nu conteze nimic si sa fiu din nou copil mic.

Ziua asta e a mea si o impart cu lumea,
asa cum este ea…e a mea, si a ta, si a tuturora…
caci o dau la imparteala…
ca pentru mine, acum, ea pare goala…

Sa traiesc si sa doresc…si tot ce vreau sa implinesc…
Tot numai cu speranta imbatranesc…

La Multi Ani mie si tie traim sa implinim o mie.

miercuri, 8 iunie 2011


I love you so much that I want to hate you,
To hate you so I can kill you,
To kill you so I can miss you,
To miss you so I can feel you and love you,
To love you so I can kill you,

To kill you cause I didn’t hate you enough to love you, to feel you and love you more

I MISS YOU !!! kiss you

marți, 7 iunie 2011

Her "Love" Story...

The only aphrodisiac I need is your voice
Hearing you speak my name
Beckoning me to answer
Telling me you want me
So I tell you that you're the answer to every question I've ever had about love

Without words I use my tongue to tell the tale of us
Tracing your shadowscape
All its divinity and I praise you
Because all of that is for me

I begin to indulge myself of your delicacies
Digesting semi-sweet dark chocolate decadence as it melts
Dripping down my chin
Your taste is something Godiva couldn't re-create

Needing every atom of your anatomy
Necessity is placed upon me knowing you are the source of my serendipity
Dipping in and out of me stroking more than my consciesness
Subconsciously I find myself rewinding our love scenes
In my daydreams
Seeing that face you make when you're making me feel
And it makes me want you right there and then

Thinking of you in inappropriate places I get
Tingling sensations in private locations where I wish to be caught between a rock and your hard place

As wetness develops my legs begin to open and my spot turns to a backdraft and all I want you to do is extinguish it
You know my body like the back of your hands
And touch me and send me into ecstacy

My thighs quiver in anticipation of your love which gets me high
Body rising
Make-up melting
Pulling my hair and
Scratching my back
I get a temporary case of tourettes because all I can say are four letter words in a four octave-range screaming your name

you are my mortal sin.

I see your tongue pink between your lips and I want it between mine
And I struggle
As you lick torturing me
I try to get away but
Not really

Running out of room begging for more up against the wall that has been scuffed by my stilletos
You pry apart my thighs and tell me to be still
And I willingly submit to you because I love the way you dominate me
Demanding that I scream for you so I do as I'm told

You've molded me so I'm good to no-one else but you
You've conquered this once orgasmicless world and multiplied it
Again and

My face radiates with after-glow
My pillow scented by you
A fragrance which haunts me
My room smells of you

Covered in body prints and finger prints and you above me
Your name written indelibly upon my body in your genetic history

joi, 26 mai 2011

S-a stins lumina pe strada mea

s-au stins luminile pe strada mea...veneam obosit...intram in cartier si nu imi dadeam seama ce lipseste...era 11 seara ma chinuiam sa vad in fata si sa parcurg cei 400 metrii intortochiati pana la scara mea pe o bezna de nedescris. pe intreg itinerariul meu in cartier exista trei becuri...unul public si doua la diferite scari vecine care mai sunt dotate si cu senzor de miscare...deci se aprind in mod ciudat stiintific la fiecare trecere prin raza senzorului...ei iata ca in acea seara nici unul din ele nu ardeau wolframul in am inteles ca s-a scumpit kilowatul, am inteles ca exista tineri ce si-au facut o pasiune din spartul becurilor, am inteles ca exista hoti de becuri, am inteles ca exista uneori chiar si nepasare...dar nu am inteles de ce trebuie sa-mi rup picioarele prin asfaltul lin uneori obturat de diferite gropi, gropite, cratere, hude, abisuri si monstruozitati de eroziune in asfalt...mi-am limitat viteza de deplasare la 1cm/secunda si aplecat cautam traseul ideal sinusoidal pe care sa-l urmez sa ajung in siguranta acasa si sa nu reusesc sa ma scufund in vreo gropita si sa ajung in Australia cazand prin mijlocul fara gandeam ca incet voi adopta mersul piticului sau si mai bine sa incep sa-mi utilizez toate cele patru membre pentru a indeplini procesul mersului si sa avansez considerabil spre casa...din 4min maxim cat faceam ajuns la performanta sa termin traseul in 7 minute simtit ca a trecut o vesnicie...dar am invatat: sa traiesc singur macar 7 minute, sa ma aplec des, sa merg incet, sa calculez fiecare pas, sa risc cu fiecare pas, sa traiesc cu speranta ca nu ma accidentez, sa ma rog sa nu fiu pradat, sa ma sperii mai repede si mai des de orice sunet, sa injur mai colorat, sa analizez asfaltul si sa numar pana la 49 ( adica fiecare groapa )...cred ca ar trebui sa se organizeze cursuri de Braille pentru toti si sa se monteze in asfalt la inceputul strazilor instructiuni de deplasare in aceasta limba...considerentul meu s-a conturat si mai bine asupra faptului ca administratia locala nu are bani, e nepasatoare de starea drumurilor in cartiere (si in general), ca e dezinteresata total de siguranta asta nu votez eu...

miercuri, 25 mai 2011


Cum si ce si cand si care…mereu mi se cer bani pentru parcare
Ieri si maine si azi si joi…se anunta numai ploi
Asa si asa si iar si invers...mi se pare mie sau am facut in pampers
Simt si fac si cred si zbor...doar sa ma odihnesc din nor in nor
Cant si zburd si plang si mor…de departe miros un sentiment de dor
Plec si stau si stau si astept...poate o sa mai trag aer curat in piept
Cred si sper si sper si vad ceva frumos si pe al meu cer
Iau si dau si cer si trec odata in secundul tur
Ce? Cum? Spune! Stai, ca nu inteleg...o sa imi vina un nou coleg?
Visez si dorm si ador sa visez…doar pana ma trezesc si vad ca ma inramez.
Povestesc si calatoresc si calatoresc in povesti…multi de langa mine se plictisesc in Bucuresti...(mai bine s-ar muta in Calimanesti)

luni, 23 mai 2011


Stau si astept sa vad ce cred,
Sa cred ce vad sa vad ca, cred;
Sa pierd ce cred, sa cred ca pierd…
Mintea crede ca toti se pierd,
Cel putin intr-un regret…
Ce sa fac, ce sa mai cred,
Cand si regretele se pierd…

sâmbătă, 21 mai 2011

Dansul porumbelului

Ca sa vezi sa sa nu crezi...dragostea e super tare si la pasarele...
stateam eu pe o banca singuratica in parc si imi inecam amarul intr-un ceai tarziu in dupa-amiaza si ce observ...o porumbita aterizeaza langa opreste, se relaxeaza cateva secunde dupa lungul zbor, observa faptul ca sunt langa ea, se uita lung la mine si parca ma intreaba...: "Deranjez?" la care eu ca un copil mic si tantalau, parca negator din cap lateral dadeam si incep sa vorbesc cu ea pe o voce incalcita sa sune placut la auz...porumbita ma priveste ciudat si se indeparteaza de mine frica sau de complezenta...moment in care...el padron apare...adica porumbelul.( acum nu stiu daca era sotul, amantul sau pretendentul)...moment in care ea nu ma mai priveste deloc parca de rusine si-a intors privirea si s-a indepartat si mai mult de mine...el in intreaga lui splendoare, se umfla in pene si provocator spre mine l-am privit si prin ochi ne-am potrivit caci i-am inspirat ca la porumbita lui eu nu m-am secunda doi el si-a reorientat atentia catre porumbita a inceput dansul...el umflat in pene se invartea in jurul ei, era o combinatie de salsa cu vals si putin tango...miscari scurte din gat si pasi incrucisati si laterali dar fara sa iasa din raza vizuala a ei...ea statea nemiscata si il fiecare adiere o pana i se mai ridica dar ea dezinteresata...intreaga atentie era asupra lui si a miscarilor sale suave...cateodata capul si-l ridica si parca afirmator, scurt, din cap dadea....dupa o scurta perioada el a schimbat putin rutina si a inceput sa se miste mai suav si sunete scurte din cioculet scotea...moment in care am observat ca si ea se zburlise...aparent ii treminat...caci doi tineri indragostiti cu pasi repezi prin zona treceau si intreg spectacolul il ruinau...pasarelele mele si-au luat zborul si eu din spectator al unui reality-show, iar singur am ramas.

Cat de frumos era cand el pentru ea dansa, cand in aer sentimentul de dragoste si apreciere se simtea, cand necazurile nu existau si pentru o secunda macar lumea se oprea...doar frumusetea ramanea si el,ea si eu pluteam...Va multumesc pasarelelor ca mi-ati bucurat momentul si mi-ati fericit viata.